When we say we’re taking over the world one story at a time, we mean it. Our fans, creators, administrators, and directors are all one group, a collective of creative people who love the arts who share, interact and most importantly, learn from each other.

Through Patreon we provide members unlimited access to a growing catalog of entertainment and advice content for a small monthly fee, plus access to new entertainment before anyone else. Fans even have the opportunity to offer feedback to creators during production.

Imagine, a massive growing library of entertainment and education content that you can view, access or download for just $1.99/month with no term contracts. Your details are always kept safe and secure through the Patreon system and we don’t collect, share or sell any of your data. You’ll also get a supporter credit in everything that we publish.

Want to go deeper? For just $2.99/month you’ll get access to the growing content archive, plus access to courses and learning modules that will teach you how to professionally create, produce and publish your own creative content and profit from it, whether you decide to submit your work My Illuminati Media for publishing or not. You can even get one-on-one direct mentorship.

NOT SURE? That’s okay! We offer plenty of FREE content as well, to help get your feet wet in the world of self-publishing.

Looking to be even more involved? We’ve got that covered too, with limited options to be credited as an Associate Producer in everything we produce.

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For Creators, the flow looks like this:

  • Be a member of the Illuminati in good standing. (You can join here)
  • Take part in the community message board and get feedback on your work.
  • Complete the submission process. (Details here)
  • Take any constructive feedback from professionals and mentors into consideration.
  • Share and incubate your ideas in the forum for at least 30 days.
  • Publish your project as a digital publication with the help of the Illuminati.
  • The Illuminati will promote your project to industry and social media.
  • Continue to enjoy mentorship, support and career advice for as long as you are a member.